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Come back later for more information for VBS 2016.

Please use the form below to register online.  Use the "message" space to enter:

1) The name(s) of the child(ren) registering
2) Grade in Fall
3) Medical needs or allergies (if applicable)
4) Person authorized to pick up child
5) Your address
6) Emergency contact number
7) Doctor's name and phone number (if applicable)

You also agree to the following:

Know All Men By These Present:

That I, the below-named, parent or guardian of the above named child(ren), residing at the address listed below, hereby authorize Grace Christian Reformed Church, by and through its staff, agents, or employees to request and consent to emergency medical, surgical, or dental treatment for my child in the event of injury or illness.

Each health care provider is authorized to initiate such treatment, tests, and care that in their judgment are deemed necessary under the circumstances of the illness or injury.

I hereby agree to be responsible for and pay, either directly or through my hospitalization insurance, all medical, surgical, or dental expenses incurred for emergency health care authorized by the staff, agents, or employees of Grace Christian Reformed Church.

I understand that Grace Christian Reformed Church will endeavor to contact me as soon as practical upon authorizing such emergency health care.